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Water Damage? Keep Calm and Call Us!

Water damage is stressful and upsetting, whether from major damage or a simple leak. Whether you’re dealing with an overflowing sink, a broken washing machine or the after-effects of flooding from a river or bad weather, our professional experts can help. We use industrial machinery - heavy-duty pumps, that can rid your home or office of gallons of water in no time at all, dehumidifiers, desiccant dryers (which can help repair your personal items, such as documents and books) as well as ozone generators, to battle contamination. We can also disinfect and sanitize your space using anti-viral solutions and thermal fogging machines, to give you extra peace of mind.

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Skilled technicians who are experienced & professional

Industrial machinery & PPE to begin the clean-up fast

Sanitizing service to kill bacteria, viruses and mold

Sewage Backup? We Can Help Take Care of It

Anyone who’s ever had to deal with a sewage backup will tell you it’s nothing short of vile. Not only do you have to deal with filthy, contaminated water and ruined property, but the health implications are quite terrifying...respiratory problems, allergies and skin rashes. This is a situation where you have to contact professionals like us. We only employ technicians who are experienced and efficient and, clothed in PPE and working with industrial equipment, they will start the clean-up quickly, ridding your property of bacteria, mold and pathogens. We can sanitize and deodorize everything too, making the situation as easy on you as possible at what is often a very hard time.

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Mold? Protect Your Health and Call a Pro.

ferent varieties but looks quite a bit like mushrooms. Airborne and spreading through its spores, It lives on moisture so is often a common side-effect of water damage. Not only can it destroy your property, it is also extremely dangerous. Trying to clean it yourself is not advisable since it might even grow faster and may also leave you with respiratory or skin problems. Don’t touch it! Our staff wear protective clothing and will isolate the area, and kill the source and spores with HEPA filtration equipment. We will also try and help replace your fabrics, carpets and fix any leaks that may have led to the moisture in the first place.

Long Island Flood Cleanup

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